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On what grounds can it be condemned?

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Certainly not on logical grounds or Biblical grounds, if logic is futile and the Bible mysterious. Moreover, if it cannot be condemned on logical or Biblical grounds, it cannot be condemned at all.

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If people are going to have a religion of the mysterious, they will not adopt Christianity: They will have a genuine mystery religion. The popularity of Eastern mysticism and of drugs is the logical consequences of the irrationalism of the twentieth century. There can and will be no Christian revival-and no reconstruction of society-unless and until the irrationalism of the age is totally repudiated by Christians.

Yet how shall they do it? With only a few exceptions-really only one exception-Christendom is being taught by the irrationalists. The seminaries, which annually train thousands of men to teach millions of Christians, are the finishing schools of irrationalism, completing the job begun by the public schools and colleges. Some of the pulpits of the most conservative churches we are not speaking of the apostate churches are occupied by graduates of the anti-theological schools.

These products of modern anti-theological education, when asked to give a reason for the hope that is in them, can generally respond with only the intellectual analogue of a shrug-a mumble about mystery. Is the impotence of the Christian church a puzzle? Is its legalistic antinomianism a riddle? Is the fascination with Pentecostalism and faith healing among members of conservative churches an enigma? Not when one understands the sort of studied nonsense that is purveyed in the name of God in the seminaries.

The creators of The Trinity Foundation firmly believe that theology is too important to be left to the licensed theologians-the graduates of the schools of theology. They have created The Trinity Foundation for the express purpose of teaching the faithful all that the Scriptures contain-not warmed over, baptized, secular philosophies. I believe that the system of truth presented in the Bible is best summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith. So help me God. The ministry of The Trinity Foundation will be the presentation of the system of doctrine taught in Scripture as clearly and unambiguously as possible.

We do not regard obscurity as a virtue, nor confusion as a sign of spirituality.

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Confusion, like all error, is sin, and teaching that confusion is all that Christians can hope for is doubly sin. The presentation of the truth of Scripture necessarily involves the rejection of error. The Foundation will expose the irrationalism of the twentieth century, whether its current spokesman be an existentialist philosopher or a professed Reformed theologian.

We will oppose anti-intellectualism, whether it be espoused by a neo-orthodox theologian or a fundamentalist evangelist. We will reject misology, whether it be on the lips of a neo-evangelical or those of a Roman Catholic charismatic. To each error we will bring the brilliant light of Scripture, proving all things, and holding fast to that which is true. If you are a pastor, we will not enlighten you on how to organize an ecumenical prayer meeting in your community.

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If you are a housewife, you will have to read elsewhere to find out how to become a total woman. If you are a businessman, we will not tell you how to develop asocial conscience. The Trinity Foundation is unapologetically theoretical in its outlook, believing that theory without practice is dead, and that practice without theory is blind.

The trouble with the professing church is not primarily in its practice, but in its theory. Christians do not know, and many do not even care to know, the doctrines of Scripture. Doctrine is intellectual, and Christians are generally anti-intellectual. Doctrine is ivory tower philosophy, and they scorn ivory towers. The ivory tower, however, is the control tower of a civilization. It is a fundamental, theoretical mistake of the practical men to think that they can be merely practical, for practice is always the practice of some theory.

The Trinity Manifesto -A Program for our Time

The relationship between theory and practice is the relationship between cause and effect. If a person believes correct theory, his practice will tend to be correct. The practice of contemporary Christians is immoral because it is the practice of erroneous theory. It is a major theoretical mistake of the practical men to think that they can ignore the ivory towers of the philosophers and theologians as irrelevant to their lives.

Every action that the practical men take is governed by the thinking that has occurred in some ivory tower-whether that tower be the British Museum, the Academy, a home in Basel, Switzerland, or a tent in Israel. It is the first duty of the Christian to understand correct theory-correct doctrine-and thereby implement correct practice.

This order-first theory, then practice-is both logical and Biblical.

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The contemporary teachers of Christians have not only reversed the order, they have inverted the Pauline emphasis on theory and practice. The virtually complete failure of the teachers of the professing church to instruct the faithful in correct doctrine is the cause of the misconduct and cultural impotence of Christians. Twentieth-century American Christians are children carried about with every wind of doctrine, not knowing what they believe, or even if they believe anything for certain.

The chief purpose of The Trinity Foundation is to counteract the irrationalism of the age and to expose the errors of the teachers of the church. Our emphasis-on the Bible as the sole source of truth, on the primacy of the intellect, on the supreme importance of correct doctrine, and on the necessity for systematic and logical thinking-is almost unique in Christendom. To the extent that the church survives-and she will survive and flourish-it will be because of her increasing acceptance of these basic ideas and their logical implications. We believe that The Trinity Foundation is filling a vacuum in Christendom.

We are saying that Christianity is intellectually defensible-that,in fact, it is the only intellectually defensible system of thought.

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We are saying that God has made the wisdom of this world-whether that wisdom be called science, religion, philosophy, or common sense-foolishness. We are appealing to all Christians who have not conceded defeat in the intellectual battle with the world to join us in our efforts to raise a standard to which all men of sound mind can repair. Only a fool would not instantly, intuitively realize that implementing this vision would generate mass bloodshed. In another illuminating section page 75 , Marx interrupted his meandering sophistries with a point program of specific policy recommendations.

Here they are, in direct quotation:. Communism is not a good idea, in theory or practice, and likewise for its ugly stepsister: socialism.

The Trinity Foundation - The Trinity Manifesto -A Program for our Time

They—along with modern progressivism—differ in degree. Americans must understand this. They must in order to know what not to support, and, most important, who not to vote for. He is also the author of 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative. About the Author Latest Posts.