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As a plus size girl! Sami is am a firm believer that there is no place and not much that can hold her back in her travel endeavors as a plus size girl, her biggest nugget of advice? Nervous about tiny airline seats, you can look into if your airline holds a People of Size policy. To create mementos for her future, to show her family and friends.

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Too often we hide ourselves from photographs in an attempt to hide our bodies, but we are valid and valuable and deserving of experiences and memories, just like anyone else. So I asked if she could give us some tips on how to take our own beautiful portraits to treasure for our future! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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May 10, Fat Girl Traveling Solo affiliate links my be utilized on this post, which means if you click through and complete a purchase, I may receive compensation for my recommendations, but never at an additional cost to you! This is coming from the photographer in me but if you want those dreamy sky photos like most influencers, they are around sunrise or sunset.

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I always recommend sunrise because there will be a LOT less people which makes it a lot easier to take your own photos without feeling awkward with the tripod! Find clothes that make you confident! I used to be the girl who wore jeans and a t-shirt when I traveled.

Tips For Hiking While Being Overweight

There is nothing wrong with that but I felt so slouchy in them. I started purchasing more items I loved and I started to exude more confidence! Get great equipment! Once you start understanding how your camera operates, the easier it is to achieve a certain look in camera! Get a travel tripod for your camera and a remote to take photos, though some cameras allow your phones to be remotes. Smart phones nowadays have great photo quality but they truly cannot capture on the same level as a DSLR camera.

Adventures of a Fat Bottomed Girl

Yup, Fat Girls Traveling is the body-pos adventure Instagram account you need to be following. Annette Richmond started the public Instagram account, as well as the private Facebook group. Aside from sharing a love for travel , she aims to promote a support group of sorts for women.

She has more than 2, followers on IG and more than 1, group members.

Fat does not mean lazy. Fat does not mean unhealthy.

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  • Fat Girls Traveling is the body-pos adventure Instagram account you need to be following!
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Speaking of which, BRB as we check out the items above, as well as start booking those trips we mentioned…. Home Lifestyle more things like this please Fat Girls Traveling is the body-pos adventure Instagram account you need to be following.