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With an interest in printed matter, book design and craftsmanship artist Louis Reith creates drawings, collages, paintings and installations. The found material is always chosen by personal interest into form, theme and balance, which are then translated into new compositions. These compositions are made intuitively and refined consciously, playing with the illusion of mechanical versus handmade. He exhibits his work through international solo and group exhibitions.

Besides his studio practise he also runs a small publishing house called Jordskred and he co-organises the annual Grafixx festival in Antwerp, Belgium. The source material is derived from vintage books, in which not only subject and size play a role, but also the printing technique and colour. These books are stripped from their covers and subject to observant deconstruction.

What remains are loose pages and spreads that are processed, with their actual compositions as a coincidental starting point.

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The final composition leads to transformed subjects as if it were a fictional archive from the future. With just the abbreviations of the titles as a reference to the used books. In his collages Reith creates serene worlds where abandoned shelters and tranquil sculptures present a modern history, where black and white landscapes are disrupted by bold geometric constructions.

He tries to resist technology in favour of physical and craft-based media. Together with Shelter Press, Reith selected 18 collages from different series which were divided onto 24 pages, in which the works were reorganised and emerged as new compositions.

Before the onset of the social and cultural backlash that was brought on by the Reagan administration in the early eighties, Southern California was ripe territory for the genesis and development of emancipation movements for and by African Americans, Chicanos, pacifists, Marxists, feminists and homosexuals. Starting in the late sixties, these revolutionary waves particularly influenced practices such as performance art, video, installation and collaboration, which led to the construction of alternatives like artist-run spaces, non-profit spaces and artist-run community art spaces.

In Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego, collaborative public action was constructed around utopian knowledge which was then redirected towards universities and art schools that favored the emergence of radical pedagogies. In the Canyon, Revise the Canon. Mottled sausages, icy landscapes with worms that seem to have died trying to make it over hurdles, portals to impossible lands: welcome to the accidental world of Anne Brugni.

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Her workspace resembles a sort of paper autopsy gone wrong, with marbled organs, multicolored hides and strange texts scrawled in shaky brushed script scattered around. We are witnesses to a new sort of Frankenstein, who pieces all of these disparate parts together to create new creatures: joyful, perplexing, but always in the end, intriguing. The book itself is made in the same manner of the works displayed within: using instinct, not too much revision but revision nonetheless and just enough material to give a glimpse of a narrative without becoming redundant or conclusive.

The primary question that the work makes us pose is: WHAT? But the treatment, the textures and compositions give us clues to a mania, a research, an exploration that is flabbergasting. Kids wearing home made costums incarnating a wide range of human vernacular history and reality from the pizza to the clown. Standing in the street they are revealing some cultural fantasies as well as the familiar invisible backgrounds of their neighborhood: a simple tree, a part of a brick wall, a locked door or a pavement. It is children, besides, that constitute the very matter of these photos even if the truth, in my opinion, is that Purim is an adult holiday.

The fundamental issue of Purim is the question of appearance and of internal reality. On this day, we read a text called the Megillah of Esther, whose content should practically be censured for underage persons. Estelle Hanania lives and works in Paris. My work consists of fragments reconstructed from memories, dreams and surroundings where past and present no longer work as isolated units.

My overall process is my own game of telephone, where I move between different mediums and techniques. Something that started out as a collage on paper might become a sculpture and later a painting from another point of view, constantly changing in the search for the right medium and size for each piece. These changes in material, size and technique always involve a translation in process. During the process the qualities change but also how I think about the piece. Wild and free as we can be, thick and red, coming together, pulsating now and for ever full frontal and down through a hole, revisit the darkness, black is low changing colors, moving by, a couple steps further and you will roll over let all tears sail away when the horizon come closer, memories fade and the sun keeps us pale.

Chris Duncan is an Oakland-based artist who employs repetition and accumulation as a basis for experiments in visual and sound based media. Suzy brilliant debut as a concrete poet. A few photographs has randomly sneaked in the bootleg. I have a decent amount written already but I think creating under the circumstances of living in the woods would be really nice.

Flaunting otherness, the alert reader can follow a clerk of The Land of Sculptures whilst he encounters the pretty faces of The Painter, The Foreign Painter, The Tyrolese Painter and other people doing art. Download the first chapter in PDF. CAC, Vilnius 25 Nov.


Curated by Nieuwe Vide. Treignac Project, Treignac 31 Jul. Curated by DATE. La Cambre, Brussels 12 Oct. This books articulates her unique way of working through images and fiction: the painting and drawings will discuss the codes of improvisation with objects, sculptures, persons, landscapes. One inside the other, as some kind of surrealistic russian doll. As a statement disguised in a poetic novel, everybody is a foreigner, camping on some perishable and transitory spaces. The fiction allows the inner voices to become images and the archives of the pieces to shift into characters.

Loops, distortions of the reality, imaginary meanings are playing together. The books becomes a proper and new territory where art forms stand up and speak for themselves, where genres are shifting in a joyous revolution. His films, photography, publications, and installations are intimate documents of his extensive travels, collages of encounters that form spontaneously interconnected narratives. By overlaying and collaging his own photographic material, he makes associations with pop and cult imagery, opening up possibilities for interpretation.

Printed onto perforated vinyl and glued onto standard plywood, or onto rocks bought by the artist at flea markets in Arizona. He frequently collaborates with his brother, Andrew Sutherland, and with the Brooklyn-based collective, Still House Group. Peter Gizzi was born on August 7, , and grew up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He has also published several limited-edition chapbooks, folios, and artist books. His work has been widely anthologized and translated into numerous languages. How to be unsettled and in the meantime on site, connected to the landscape, ping-ponging from music to poetry, inside and outside the gallery space and the book form.

Blurring everyday the frontier between genres, this book conceived as an on-site exhibition presents found images, sculptures, poetry and painting.

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Anne Laure Sacriste is a paris-based visual artist. This is her simultaneous subversion of the ideals of classical clarity and analytical decoding: we can see only thanks to blindness and dazzlement. Horvitz uses art books, photography, performance art, watercolor, and mail art to create his work. Juvenile Record is the new poetry book wrote by the Texan singer and musician Christina Carter.

Like a prayer from the South, where voices and glasses are breaking in the heavy night, memories escaping like water, falling from the hands and evaporating in the air. Objects, days, names, ages, charms, collected in the mind, folded, shouted or kissed, oftenly blessed, and sayed again. Christina Carter was born in the bayou city of Houston, Texas in November of , and co-founded the group Charalambides there in December of Ever since then, she has deeply mined her own vein of sound-as-music with voice, guitar, piano, and keys. Concurrent with her work as a musician, Christina has expanded her involvement in writing and visual art.

A procession of giants in a field, a magician in a parking lot, a wild cave… The shadows of a singular identity are standing as a non-exotic setting yet revealing themselves as an hallucination. Graduated from Les Beaux Arts de Paris, the award-winning photographer in Hyeres Festival Estelle Hanania is not afraid by the beauty, the pure aesthetics of the clothes or the masks. She knows how to keep a human distance to the subject, in a natural light, in silence.

Her photographs are portraits and landscapes of men becoming animals or plants, as many chimerical figures embodied in our absurd contemporary world. In the background appears a car, a road, a parking lot: such as banal infrastructures and unspectacular places. Extraordinary rituals required in an ordinary community, a present in syncope, nested in the reality as a strange lichen growing on a concrete wall.

Ryan Foerster is born in in Newmarket, Ontario. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Wrapping a wide part of the artist body of work from the last few years, this new zine by Ryan Foerster features and melts found images, solar eruptions, Germs art cover, poetry and diary photography. From raw and dark figurative photographs to abstract and repetitive shapes, these images connected all together by the book form may be frightening but most likely deeply narrative.

Reconstructed through the primordial forests — from the californian redwoods to the northern finland. A statement led by the experience of making sculptures and having drinks under a porch, drawing as making sandwiches, being in love and singing songs, watching tv shows and staring at sunsets.

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Both highly in the now and at the same time metaphysical. The Twenties are gone. And thirties are opening their wild gates. She lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She is a visual artist, an experimental musician and the co-publisher of the independent imprint Shelter Press. Her paintings, drawings, sculptures and musical compositions are mostly abstract.

Her work takes its sources from the American tradition of painting Morris Louis, Cy Twombly, Richard Tuttle and from avant-gardes figures who worked on chance and randomness Fluxus, John Cage, La Monte Young… as much as feminist figures in music and art. Utilizing envelope following, vocoder analysis and trigger sensing the recordings of these performances were analyzed and converted into control sources.

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These control sources were used to activate analog and digital synthesizing systems and functioned to trigger envelopes and gates, determine pitched materials and act as modulating sources for frequency and amplitude modulation. Ben Vida is a Brooklyn based composer, improviser and artist. He produces compositions that utilize analog and digital synthesizing technologies and focus on aural phenomena and auditory illusions. Girls lying on concrete disonaurs are facing obsolete neon signs. Broken, knocked down, abstract, discarded, left there. The girls are naked, in black and white, static.

The neons are coloured, saturated like comic strip boxes. Prehistoric monsters, mysterious beauties follow and merge with relics of modern cities. Metals, skins and stones collide. Pages unattached slide and mix to deceive time and order. Their curves sketch infinity; their hollows end in, wisps of flesh, dark at times; their eyes pierce the image when they reach you.