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Sort By: Bestsellers. Wenn man den Berichten glauben schenken darf, ist das Gesundheitssystem im Allgemeinen und das But how do you create or maintain policies that empower employees, comply with regulations - such as GDPR and CCPA - reduce social media gaffes and, simultaneously, unlock opportunity? Speziell aufbereitete Wenn der Insolvenzantrag Am Tolley's Managing a Diverse Workforce by Nikki Booth and 4 more Legislation governing employee welfare is becoming increasingly strict, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in dealing with a diverse workplace.

Every organisation contains employees who can be considered diverse. Diverse employee can include pregnant women, people with illnesses, young and old workers and those with disabilities. Is the fact that you would like to understand all the legalities business but just don't know how making your life difficult First, you are NOT alone! It may seem like it sometimes, but not knowing how to get started with a business idea is far more common than you'd Anne Lafarre Business, Economics and Legal scholars have all argued about the theoretical importance of annual general meetings in assessing business shareholder relations and wider issues of corporate governance, but often without knowing how the AGM functions in practice.

Anne Lafarre combines wide ranging empirical legal and economic research to analyse and understand the real role of the AGM in the Previous 1 2 3 4 Choose Store. Links are to the witnesses' written statements. Human Rights between Idealism and Realism presents human rights in action, focusing on their effectiveness as legal tools designed to benefit human beings. By combining conceptual analysis with an emphasis on procedures and mechanisms of implementation, this volume provides a multidimensional overview of human rights.

After examining briefly the history of human rights, the author analyzes the intellectual framework that forms the basis of their legitimacy. In particular, he covers the concept of universality and the widely used model that classifies human rights into clusters of different 'generations'. The volume then moves on to analyze of the activities of the political institutions of the United Nations, the expert bodies established by the relevant treaties, and the international tribunals specifically entrusted at the regional level with protecting human rights.

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The author explains how and why the classical array of politically inspired informal devices has been enriched by the addition of international criminal procedures and by endeavors to introduce civil suits against alleged individual violators of human rights. Finally, the volume is rounded off by a consideration of the importance of humanitarian law as an instrument for the protection of human life and dignity and an exploration of the future of human rights. Is there an anational lex mercatoria, a "global law without a state? Some argue that the rules, institutions, and procedures of international arbitration have now achieved a sufficient degree both of autonomy from the state and of legal character that they represent such an anational law.

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Others respond that whatever law merchant may exist is really state law -- dependent on national norms and the freedom of contract they provide, and on the enforceability of abitral awards by national courts. This paper suggests that the dichotomy of anational law and state law is false. Although an anational law merchant would be theoretically possible, the true lex mercatoria we are currently observing is not such an anational law. Rather, it is an emerging global commercial law that freely combines elements from national and non-national law.

This transnational law presents a far more radical challenge to traditional state-based conceptions of law than the idea of an anational law. It makes the distinction between anational law and state law that permeates the debate over law merchant simply irrelevant by transcending it. The true lex mercatoria marks the shift in global law from segmentary differentiation in different national laws to a functional differentiation. It a law beyond, not without, the state.

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Aufgrund der wenigen Bestimmungen zur Sachverhaltsermittlung ist es an den Streitbeilegungsorganen, den Panels und dem Appellate Body, die bestehenden Regelungen zu konkretisieren. Aufgabe des Autors ist daher auch die Auswertung der Entscheidungen der Streitbeilegungsorgane. Mit ihr einhergehend erfolgt eine Darstellung der Anwendungspraxis und der Verfahrensgestaltung.

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International Law Reporter. Jean d'Aspremont Univ. Here's the abstract: This paper submits that the Asian international legal scholarship provides a cogent alternative to the Western constitutionalist and liberal approaches as many prominent Asian scholars base international lawmaking on interests rather than values. The Rehabilitation of Law and the Possibility of Politics. Bill Bowring Birkbeck College, Univ. Here's the abstract: Providing the basis for critical engagement with the pessimism of the contemporary age, The Degradation of the International Legal Order?

Drawing primarily from the Marxian tradition, but also engaging with a range of contemporary work in critical theory and critical legal and human rights scholarship, this book analyses historical and recent international events and processes in order to challenge their orthodox interpretation. What is thus proposed is a new evaluation of international legal principles and human rights norms, the revolutionary content of which, it is argued, turns them from mere rhetoric into powerful weapons of struggle.

Labels: Scholarship - Books. Brooklyn Law School's Dennis J. The program is not yet available online. Why attend? Workshop: Sornarajah.

Part III - Horizontal Interactions

Sornarajah National Univ. Labels: Workshops. Kenneth Anderson American Univ.

Here's the abstract: This is the English language version of an essay 10, words appearing in the Revista de Libros Madrid , considering the history and future of the United Nations and global governance through the lens of Paul Kennedy's recent work, The Parliament of Man. The essay is highly skeptical of what it describes as "platonism" about the future of the UN as the seat of global governance.

It offers an alternative view of how to consider the work of the UN, in three areas: security, economic development, and values. The essay argues that, particularly with the rise of new great power tensions and multipolarity, the fantastic dream of the UN as the seat of a gradually arising global government, as Kennedy imagines things, should be given up in favor a UN devoted to a modest set of quotidian tasks and the place for the great powers to engage in multilateral discussion, argument, and negotiation.

New Issue: Journal of Conflict Resolution. The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution Vol. Contents include: Benjamin O.

Labels: Journal of Conflict Resolution , Journals. Thursday, September 11, Osagiede v. United States. On Tuesday, the U. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit decided Osagiede v. United States opinion here. The issue in this habeas filing was whether the petitioner-appellant, a Nigerian national who had pled guilty to one count of heroin distribution and was sentenced to more than eight years imprisonment, was entitled to an evidentiary hearing on his claim of ineffective assistance of counsel.

A hearing, therefore, was warranted.

Russia Conclusion of Hearings. Yesterday, the International Court of Justice concluded its public hearings on Georgia's request for the indication of provisional measures in the case concerning Application of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination Georgia v. Russian Federation. Case documents, including the application, written proceedings, the verbatim record of the hearings, and press releases, are available here. Russia countered that provisional measures should not be indicated and that, indeed, the case should be removed from the Court's list.

The Agent for the Russian Federation explained: First: The dispute that the Applicant has tried to plead before this Court is evidently not a dispute under the Convention. New Issue: Review of International Studies. The latest issue of the Review of International Studies Vol. Contents include: John Williams, Space, scale and Just War: meeting the challenge of humanitarian intervention and trans-national terrorism Alex J. Labels: Journals , Review of International Studies. New Issue: International Relations. The latest issue of International Relations Vol.

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  4. Labels: International Relations , Journals. Helfer Vanderbilt Univ. Bederman Emory Univ. Criddle Syracuse Univ.

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    Paulus Univ. Labels: Conferences , Foreign Relations Law. Jens David Ohlin Cornell Univ. Here's the abstract: The doctrine of Joint Criminal Enterprise has provoked scholarly debate among international criminal lawyers falling into two camps. The first camp argues that the doctrine should be abandoned as fundamentally incompatible with basic principles of individualized criminal law, while a second camp defends the doctrine as first elucidated in the ICTY's Tadic case with few or only minor amendments.

    Stakic takes a third route: fundamental alterations to the doctrine are required to bring it in line with the culpability principle. Specifically, by invoking the control theory of participation, this commentary argues that international tribunals should adopt a "co-perpetrator model of joint criminal enterprise". This new model differentiates between different levels of participation in criminal plans by creating two entirely new modes of liability: i co-perpetrating a joint criminal enterprise, and ii aiding and abetting a joint criminal enterprise. The former mode of liability would be reserved for individuals at the top of the hierarchy in a joint criminal plan whose participation is essential to the plan's fruition and intend to further the criminal purpose of the group, while the later liability would be reserved for lower-rung individuals who knowingly make a contribution to the plan but do not necessarily share the intent of furthering the criminal purpose of the overall conspiracy.

    Here's the abstract: The concept of soft law which rests on the idea that the binary nature of law is ill-suited to accommodate the growing complexity of contemporary international relations has been endorsed by a large number of scholars. It has however remained under the attack of those that are commonly portrayed as positivists. Although it does not seek to rehabilitate positivism as a whole, this paper will try to offer a refreshed and modernized account of the positivist objection to soft law.