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The government set a target of establishing , contracts in five years. Second, the Jobs of the Future Emplois d'Avenir scheme was launched in October , with the aim of giving unqualified young people a second chance to be trained and to take up a job. The emphasis is laid on personalised one-to-one career advice and guidance, followed by a State-subsidised permanent contract or a three-year contract with local and regional authorities or associations. La Politique de la Jeunesse. Paris : Odile Jacob.

She did not favour the pigeon holing of French youth into subgroups in order to tailor measures to the needs of a particular set of young people. Such targeted measures, she felt, would be divisive and stigmatising for the young people concerned Fourneyron, Fourneyron, V. This new interpretation places the blame on the global and national economies rather than young people themselves and their life stage.


The Injep report echoes this stance Labadie, Labadie, F. Two measures have been particularly well received by practitioners and academics: first, the overhaul of the public careers service providing information and counselling; second, the increase in the number of places on the voluntary citizenship work scheme service civique , taking the number of young people from 20, to 30, per year.

In , its budget was increased by Further dissatisfaction arose from the fact that by the end of December , none of the youth employment measures introduced during Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency had been withdrawn or revoked. Furthermore, regarding social protection, there has not been a move towards a universal system of allowances — the RSA jeune has not been extended and remains available only to young people over 25 years apart from in some very strict situations. Quel Confiance Dans l'Avenir? This is problematic for several reasons.

First, it makes life difficult for youths who have a poor or no relationship with their parents. Second, it lengthens the period of dependency on families Labadie, Labadie, F. L'Action Publique en Faveur des Jeunes. Fourth, it reinforces social inequalities prejudicing young people from lower socio-economic groups and these disparities have been worsening due to the ongoing poor economic context. Fifth, young people who benefit from specific schemes for disadvantaged youths continue to be stigmatised.

Sixth, with the focus being on unemployment of specific groups, the youth continues to be perceived as a problem. Thus, there is a clear discrepancy between, on the one side, concrete policies and, on the other side, political discourse regarding attitudes to young people and youth policy, which seem to pay lip service to practitioners and academics. Both presidencies have been marked by high unemployment rates, with a quarter of young people unemployed by the end of As a result, the gap between qualified and unqualified French youth has worsened during the recession.

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On the other hand, young people with qualifications are experiencing a devaluation of their studies. Both are undergoing a deterioration of their working conditions. To this can be added a noticeably inflexible work environment that is reluctant to adopt neoliberal flexible working practices, such as on-the-job training, sandwich courses and apprenticeships, which can allow less qualified and unqualified young people to enter the labour market.

Youth studies. An introduction. London : Routledge. Precarious work: risk, choice and poverty traps.

EU-Parlament will besseren Zugang von Jugendlichen zum Arbeitsmarkt

Furlong Ed. Handbook of youth and young adulthood. Paris : Minuit. The ambitious partial remedy for continued high levels of youth unemployment, according to Labadie Labadie, F. This would require an enormous effort over the long term to enact structural changes and entail a considerable amount of discontinuity with the previous youth policy. Reluctance to change is also noticeable in ongoing resistance of governments to change the way social welfare system operates, i. Paris : L'Harmattan. However, there has been a clear shift in the portrayal of youth during the two presidencies. Whilst Nicolas Sarkozy tended to render a negative image of youth, who were often embodied as the avatar of social unrest and division, i.