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Up to three individuals were identified for each item, and, where appropriate, one in- stitution and one national or cultural focus, such as "Classical antiquity," "Islamic and related cultures," or "China. The subject categories are sim- ilar to those used in the yearly Critical Bib- liography, although some were split into subcategories and a few new categories were added to provide users with more specific information about the content of the material.

A list of these headings intro- duces this section of the index. For use as subject entries, the names of individuals and institutions prominent in the text, as well as their birth, death, or founding dates, were verified and standardized using the existing volumes of the Isis Cumulative Bibliography, the annual Critical Bibliog- raphies, and the Dictionary of Scientific Bi- ography. When names and dates in the original articles were at variance with these more comprehensive authorities, then the form and dates located in the reference sources were used.

When appropriate, cross-references have been included to eliminate possible confusion. The titles of the articles indexed appear only in the entry under the first au- thor; each title is followed by the year, volume, and inclusive pages in which it ap- peared in Isis. Some effort has been made to standardize the names of first authors if they have used different forms during the period covered by the index. Titles of ar- ticles have been listed as they appeared with no effort made to achieve consistency of style in spelling, capitalization, or punc- tuation.


Entries under a given author are listed as follows: items by the author alone, in chronological order; items with second and subsequent authors, introduced by " with"; items for which the given author is a second or subsequent author, introduced by "see. Entries are included for all second and sub- sequent authors; these consist of a cross- reference to the first author and an abbre- viated reference year, volume, and pages. Abbreviated references authors, year, volume, and pages also appear under all subject head- ings, listed alphabetically by first author.

A major exception is the eloges, where items are listed alphabetically by the name of the subject of the eloge, followed by the sub- ject's dates and the name of the author s. Many unsigned news items some of them quite brief have also been treated differ- ently, as follows. Unsigned reports on the International Congresses of History and the Sarton Medal awards appear only under those subject headings.

Editorial WOMEN S FORUM n 1 - PDF

The number of the International Congress is listed as a roman numeral in parentheses for all items under that subject heading. The Sarton medalists are listed chronologically; signed awards list the author after the recipient's name, as in the eloges. These items are frequently not listed in the yearly index, and it was felt that at least listing the pages would help a researcher interested in news and notes of this sort.

A number of arti- cles published during the past thirty years have generated a scholarly dialogue with subsequent articles, notes, critiques, and correspondence appearing in Isis. These subsequent items appear in parentheses as the last piece of bibliographical information in the main entry for the generating article; similarly, the generating item appears in parentheses following the main entry for the subsequent items. The works are listed alphabetically by author or, in the case of collections of essays, by the first editor.

But those days are long past. The most recent Isis Critical Bibliography , lists 2, items from over journals in its pages. And while the Isis Cumulative Bibliographies , in five volumes, and , in two volumes provide a superb guide, with which one may gain access to all the rich pastures of twentieth-century scholarship, they cannot obviate the need for a simple, cumulative index to the materials in Isis itself.

There is another reason why no cumulative index to Isis has previously ap- peared.

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To produce such an index requires resources of both a financial and an intellectual nature. And, for many years, Sarton's ideas and the needs of the discipline the two were almost synonymous far outran available supplies of people and money. Today, in this respect, we live in a changed world. The history of science as a discipline is strong and growing. Many gifted individuals are willing to give their services to the field, not least among them being the talented cohort now in graduate school.


The financial picture has also been im- measurably brightened by the Fund Drive launched under the able direction of the History of Science Society's thirty-third President, Gerald Holton. While it is expected that the index will eventually pay for itself, the venture capital necessary to underwrite its production and distribution comes from the reserve funds that generous donors have made available to the History of Science Society. Those same funds will also make possible the launching of a new series of Osiris in Even with these new resources, a cumulative index to all seventy-five volumes of Isis was too large a task to contemplate.

The reluctant decision was therefore made to leave the era of George Sarton's own editorship to some future time, and to concentrate on a cumulative index covering the three decades and thirty vol- umes of Isis that stretch from to Former editors of Isis for the period covered by the Cumulative Index, with their years of service. Top to bottom: 1.

Editorial WOMEN S FORUM n 1

Multhauf, Special thanks are owed to Jane Morley, who as Isis Editorial Coordinator began this project and as Isis special consultant brought it to fru- ition, and to Frances Kohler who oversaw all aspects of the work with her usual care. The technically curious may be interested to learn that this index represents the Publications Office's first use of its computers themselves another fruit of the Fund Drive and its first experience with generating a text for its printer in the form of magnetic computer diskettes, thus taking advantage of a new pro- duction technology.

A custom- designed program sorted the author-subject index. The second part of the index, the book reviews section, was entered with the WordStar word-processing program. This cumulative index displays something of the scholarship and vitality that have characterized Isis, and the History of Science Society, over the past three decades. The browser may renew an acquaintance with the Isis publications of old friends from Erwin Ackerknecht to Conway Zirkle; the teacher may gain rapid access to a variety of classic articles; and the researcher may trace out the course of scholarly argument in book and essay reviews.

All will, we trust, find this cumulative index not only a useful but an indispensable addition to the volumes of Isis on their study shelves. And, in this hundredth anniversary year of his birth, we trust that George Sarton would have found in the appearance of this index fresh vindication of his ambitious plans for Isis and for the history of science. The cumulative index is divided into two sections: the first is an author-subject index to all editorials, articles, critiques and con- tentions, and notes, in addition to important news of the profession and correspon- dence; the second section lists, by author of the book, the books reviewed in Isis, Some explanation of the orga- nization of these sections will permit their most effective use.

Dans quelles circonstances aboutirent-ils dans ce village de 'sierra' 1 m? The voluntary none-financial sustainability report has become a trend within accounting. The environmental issues used to be driven by activists only, but lately it has moved in to the general agenda in many companies. Investors are starting to put more attention to the sustainability reporting as it is considered to add value to the company. Tungsten carbene-hydride single active site operates as a "bi. The early 21st century is witness to the rise to power of new leftist and center-left governments in South America which have at least two common traits: the questioning of pro-market policies and reforms which were carried out over the preceding decade and the return of the State as a central actor in economic life.

In spite of this convergence, a deeper analysis would allow us to perceive a certain heterogeneity in the programmatic and organizational character of the new progressive governments. In this regard, we propose an analysis of the responses to the crisis of neo-liberalism that the Brazilian and Argentine governments have provided, placing. Today there are nearly 1. In China, there are 20 million Muslims,the second largest ethnic group in the country. There are strict restrictions for Muslims on their daily consumption, representing a rich and unique culture, of which Halal food has been an important part.

Many countries are engaged in renovating science and technology teaching in secondary schools. In order to give more coherence to the content taught, the place and definition of the school subjects involved tend to be reexamined. In France, an integrated science and technology teaching program is being tested since A first analysis of the program and the way participating teachers view it has been done from the definition of several strategies to bring disciplines together.

Cumulative Index for Volumes 44-73, 1953-1982 || Cumulative Index

Four dimensi Full Text Available Many countries are engaged in renovating science and technology teaching in secondary schools. Four dimensions of school disciplinary integration have been identified to structure our reflexion. The analysis of posters produced by the teachers reveals an incomplete vision of integration and a dominant place given to notional knowledge. Rate of self-referencing int he journal Radiologia: An indicator of quality.

Self-referencing, defined as the number of times articles published in a scientific journal cite previous articles printed in the same journal, is an important indicator of quality. Our purpose was to analyze the rate of self-referencing in the journal Radiologia. All the articles published in Radiologia from to were analyzed to determine the index of references to Radiologia IRR and the index of articles that refer to Radiologia IAR. Between and , the IRR ranged from 1. In , it was 1. The rate of self-referencing in Radiologia is higher than that of European Radiology, a journal that is included in the Index Medicus and its Medline database.

Author 13 refs. Ancient South Arabia as Seen from the Inside: The Archeological Excavations of the Yemeni ResearchersThough until recently, prospecting and archeological excavations have been carried out mostly by foreign expeditions with the collaboration of the research teams from the Antiquities Department, during the past few years there have been programs in Yemen run exclusively by Yemeni institutions.

Simultaneously, a new generation of researchers has appeared who graduated not from foreign universities but received their education at the universities of Sanaa, Aden and Dhamar. Numerous archeological and historical studies of the pre-Islamic period of Yemen were published in Arabic. For the first time, such studies adopt a methodology based not on myths and legends but on the strictly scientific data of archeology and epigraphy. Being in conflict with a more traditional school, which still dominates collective mentality and which defends a legendary reading of the history of Yemen before Islam, this new vision of history proposed by Yemeni researchers tends to influence more and more profoundly the Yemeni educated public.

I TK2. Visualization is important for multi-intelligence fusion and we demonstrate issues for presenting physics-derived i. Physics-derived solutions e. Both results can be geographically displayed for user-machine fusion. Attributes of an effective and efficient display are not well understood, so we demonstrate issues and results for filtering, correlation, and association of data for users - be they operators or analysts. Operators require near-real time solutions while analysts have the opportunities of non-real time solutions for forensic analysis.

In a use case, we demonstrate examples using the JVIEW concept that has been applied to piloting, space situation awareness, and cyber analysis. Using the open-source JVIEW software, we showcase a big data solution for multi-intelligence fusion application for context-enhanced information fusion. Heat pipes. Dictionary of terms, design, technology and application. Types of capillary-porous structures, their advantages and shortcomings, and technology of fabrication are examined. Methods are described for regulating the heat pipes, their configuration and area of application. Fish estigated. Tr had six rep ermined.

Th hey were s the most e tein was e Trial 1 was run for a period of days in a pond with a water. Disponible sur Internet le 27 octobre The broad spectrum of practices that can be associated with the notion of letterbox companies has led to fact-finding, evidence based research and other. Industry should benefit from India's tie-up in int 'l projects. Indian industry should take advantage of the country's involvement in prestigious international projects like ITER and work with top scientific institutions to meet the huge demand for ultra vacuum systems.

The control of constitutionality over the Statute of Autonomy becomesa matter of plain legal control, twisting the line followed to date by theConstitutional Court to demarcate powers between State and autonomouscommunities. It also blurs the borders between material and formal controlof constitutionality. Material control is not justified by itself but by formalcontrol, which in turn refers ultimately to material control in a circular andtautologous argument lacking all real content.

The Court should haveconducted its own opinion on the constitutionality of art. These criteria may have allowed for a different opinionbased on the assessment of the Constitutional Court itself and the analysisof all the elements constitutionally liable and because of that, due toproper consideration.