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Dax is convinced that his younger brother, Jon, is exaggerating when he begs to sleep with a light on, insisting that the shadows will get him in the dark. Dax doesn't believe Jon until he sees Jon being pulled into the closet by the shadows. Fear is highly recommended attention to any library collection.

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Reluctant readers may gravitate toward R. Nocturne by L. Wizards of the Coast, Availability: New and used. Flannery Lane is a 15 year old girl who possesses the power of great magic, not that her over-protective Uncle Anatole will allow her to use it, though he is a powerful wizard himself! That is, until her uncle is suddenly incapacitated by a curse. Now Flan finds that she is the only one who can perform the magic necessary to ward off the vampire suspected of break-ins and the disappearances of young girls in Wicker Street.

After all, what else could be responsible, given that a gorgeous new-to-town vampire hunter has implored her to create a powerful talisman to guard against the undead? Flan must hope that she can defeat the vampire before she becomes its next victim.

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Limited only by a few sentence fragments and slight predictability, Nocturne is a highly engrossing, satisfying, and quick read. Harkrader does an excellent job of giving the fantasy world of the novel life and depth and presents us with characters that fit well in that world, but that we, as readers, can fully identify with. Particularly satisfying is the strong female protagonist who is not afraid to speak out against the stereotype of the clumsy, faint-hearted heroine.

Recommended for readers aged and for public library YA horror collections. Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger , illustrated by Andre Brecha. Razorbill, Available: New. When Stanley, unaware that Zombiekins has awakened, brings it to school, chaos ensues as it escapes and starts infecting the students. Stanley and his best friend Miranda race sort of to survive the onslaught and transform the zombies back into students. Zombiekins looks like the kind of book fans of the Captain Underpants books would love.

Stanley is regularly victimized by the school bully, with even his best friend totally indifferent to his situation. Stanley is also shown as clueless and slow, especially compared to Miranda. Even his attempt at heroism is a failed joke. Upper elementary kids might go for the overall cutesy-creepy feel of the story, which is effectively reinforced by the illustrations, but the story comes across as very mean-spirited, and upper elementary kids get enough of that from their peers.

Zombie loving adults, though, will find a lot to enjoy. Adult zombie lovers, though, may want to check this out! Contains: violence, bullying, destruction of property. Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon. Dial, Ursula Vernon has a winning recipe with her Dragonbreath series. Fast-paced, fantastical adventures combined with situations the average kid can relate to, a comic book style, and a dose of humor are a perfect match to beginning independent readers, reluctant readers, and five year old boys.

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Big Eddy, the komodo dragon who terrorizes the school, singles Danny out at lunch, and his teacher, Mr. In the first book, Dragonbreath , Danny flunks his assignment on the ocean, but his teacher gives him a second chance- one more night to get it right. Of the three volumes, this is my favorite. Volume two, Attack of the Ninja Frogs , introduces Suki, a Japanese exchange student who is constantly getting ambushed by ninja frogs.

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Danny, a huge fan of ninja movies, takes her on the bus to visit his grandfather in mythological Japan, where they discover that Suki is the reincarnated queen of the ninjas. Chaos, involving ninjas, samurai, and a volcano, ensues. In volume three, Curse of the Were-wiener , I cheered the return of the vicious potato salad. All the students except Danny, who brought his lunch, start growing hair between their scales and acting strange I was a little lost on this one.

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Since when are hot dogs hairy? Unfortunately, in this case, Danny does not have a mythological relative he can go to for help. Wendell, bitten by a were-wiener, clearly needs help, fast. The hunt for a solution includes risky searches of the school kitchen, a nighttime adventure in the sewers, rats, and a battle with the alpha-wurst. Of the three books, Curse of the Were-wiener is the scariest and freakiest- rats in the school cafeteria are much more of a possibility than ninja frogs from mythological Japan.

However, Vernon approaches the story with creativity and humor and uses color effectively to communicate the menace of the were-wieners, with their red eyes. Readers of the first two books expecting more of the same should probably know that Curse of the Were-weiner has a slightly darker flavor. After all, once you get past the covers and the sensationalistic name, this is, in fact, a reference book, one with the power to fascinate just about anyone, complete with a table of contents, detailed index, and compelling color illustrations.

Facts about food, art, and science, world records, the supernatural, and weird weather abound in this book.

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As tempting as Enter If You Dare! Anyone who doubts the intelligence or reading ability of those who read the book, though, had better think twice. Designed to draw kids in and respectful of their ability to soak up information, Enter if You Dare is a great tool and a fun book that all kinds of kids will enjoy. Contains: mentions of decapitation, cannibalism, and the supernatural, and disturbing images.

Aldwyns Academy by Nathan Meyer. Aldwyns Academy is a school of magic, an academy that every young aspiring wizard wishes to go to. Well, all of them except for Dorian. He wants to be a great warrior like his father, but his mother, a powerful sorceress in service to the king, wants him to follow in her footsteps and has pulled a lot of strings to make sure that happens.

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The only one who seems to have any faith in him is Caleb, an unlikely half-orc wizard in training who has no other friends. Together, these mismatched heroes will discover why dire wolves, bugbears and ghosts are invading the school grounds and threatening the academy. Aldwyns Academy takes off running and continues the high-adventure marathon from the first page to the last. The author also does a fine job of presenting a moral lesson in the form of Caleb, the half-orc child.

Children who love fantasy stories are sure to like this one. Reviewed by: Bret Jordan. Zombies falls into this trap. The book presents images of video games such as Left for Dead and Dead Rising, and shows the covers of George Romero movies, which are rated R. In short, images are shown of products that are not appropriate for kids, and given the reading level, it could easily end up in very young hands.

While Xtreme Monsters: Zombies has plenty of colorful and gross imagery that kids might enjoy, librarians will want to be aware of its content, and elementary school media specialists might want to pass on this one. Penguin Group, ISBN Meet Olive, an 11 year old girl new to the neighborhood whose family has just moved into a mansion with quite a past. When Olive dons them, she learns there is far more to the strange, dark paintings that seem permanently affixed to the walls than she thought — she can actually step inside and enter the paintings. In one painting, Olive meets Morton, who, along with three guardian cats, helps her discover the true nature of the sinister Aldous McMartin and his granddaughter Annabelle. Olive inadvertently releases Annabelle from her painting, and now Annabelle is intent on bringing Mr. McMartin back to life so he can reclaim his mansion at the expense of Olive and her family.

Beautifully detailed illustrations are interspersed throughout the story, adding to the highly descriptive narrative. Reviewed by Kelly Fann. Penguin Young Readers Group, Benjamin Franklinstein Lives by Matthew McElligott and Larry Taxbury intertwines history and science to create a very light-hearted tale about Benjamin Franklin reappearing in the 21st century and his subsequent friendship with his neighbor, Victor Godwin.

Ben believes his Custodian has woken him to do the work of the Modern Order of the Prometheus, but there is no Custodian in sight, only Victor, a young scientist in the making. Lively dialogue, humorous situations, and fantastic illustrations create an entertaining read in Benjamin Franklinstein Lives. A Vampire is Coming to Dinner! Each page gives one of the rules and the page then folds out to show a devious little boy in process of breaking the rules, to the dismay of the visiting vampire. All is well at the end as both child and vampire appear in a surprise popup, having a good old time!

The art is clever and the mischievous little boy tormenting the vampire by breaking every rule is sure to get giggles out of children as they appreciate the sight gags. Contains: Rampant rule breaking! Ghost Dog Secrets by Peg Kehret.