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The engine bay was sumptuous, exquisitely finished and with good access. Other systems on the boat were likewise neatly installed, including the amp-hour lithium battery bank.

The owner of our test boat fought successfully to have this installed, and it is now offered as a regular option. Properly equipped, the boat can be cruised by a small family. Fully crewed, it will make a competitive sailor proud. What do these ratios mean? Visit sailmagazine. If there was ever any doubt as to the speed potential for the eye-popping Ultime maxi-trimaran class, the first 24 hours of the Brest Atlantiques race have surely put such doubts to rest. The four monster trimarans taking part in the 14,mile Brest Atlantiques race, from Brest, France, to Brazil and then Cape Town and back, found themselves battling brutal conditions under deeply reefed sails from the word go.

The event in many ways represents the pinnacle Got a tip? Send it to sailmail sailmagazine. Where the track really comes into its own, though, is piloting out of When I was a younger man, with less money and a stronger back, I was a regular anchoring snob. Free parking, I believed, is a fundamental right when cruising under sail, and if you want to be a true cruiser you must exercise it as much as possible. In developing this manifesto The fall boat shows have come and gone, winter is settling in, and sailing may seem like a distant dream as you hold your breath until your warm-weather Christmas charter.

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All is not lost, though, as this is also a great time to both distract yourself and work on creating some Q: I am noticing more and more cruising boats carrying high-tech membrane sails, and I was wondering why that is. Specifically, membrane sails are highly engineered, so you can end up with a Low-Profile Snubber Winch New boats often engender new types of hardware. From the casual sailor to the lover of linguistics, everyone is sure to find something to fascinate them in this entertaining little book. Three Sheets to the Wind unpacks the etymology of modern words and idioms derived from nautical terms.

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The men seem to turn away from me. I find a woman and ask. I head back in and face down my dangling tormentors. The owner of one of them budges up for me and I settle on a square of bench.

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The problem of leery old loners using mixed saunas to gawp, however, genuinely seems absent. I do not hunch or try to cover anything, or to appear thinner. I just sit. And begin to sweat. It feels strangely great.

Nobody stares. As per tradition, the saunameister comes in on the hour and pours cedar and mint onto the coals, then begins fanning the air. A plate of orange slices is passed around, and I feel at one with my new naked pals. Afterwards, we head outside and lie naked in the winter air, our skin steaming, in silence. A gaunt and expressionless man takes a cold shower.

I follow suit.

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It is shocking yet, now, somehow unremarkable. Until recently, the idea of sweating it out in a row of naked Germans seemed impossibly weird. The hip, friendly clientele, dim lighting and pleasant courtyard make this Finnish sauna the stylish spot to go starkers. Thursday is ladies only. Small, low-tech, but popular with well-heeled locals. It has a garden courtyard. These public baths have a cosy sauna, steam room and plunge pool. More men than women, but single-sex changing rooms.


Newly-restored German historic wooden sailing ship collides with a container vessel injuring five

Open until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, this showy spa offers a Himalayan salt sauna, fruit-flavoured steam and honey massages. An Amayana spa with it all — pools, steam rooms, saunas, tanning rooms, as well as an outdoor pool, which the hardy can try in winter. Popular with the oldies. In Berlin, the saunas are nude — and mixed-sex.

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