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You are not this man. If you feel there is a void in your life, an inexplicable notion that something vital is missing then you should consider learning how to surf it will provide you with all the disappointment and humiliation that has been missing in your life. Papersurfer will help you through these difficult times with a sideways glance at Global surf culture and some valuable lessons in life, love and the most challenging sport on the planet.

You won't learn any radical manoeuvres or how to 'charge Pipe' but it will give you a clue as to which way round you should wear your wetsuit and how not to get a thorough beating from the locals.

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This book was scribed by Penfold Crockett during his own difficult transition from kook to surfer. He currently resides in the mountains of Portugal - which is, in his own words " Jamie has been assigned by his spiritual father, Simon Magus, and spiritual mother, Helen, to cleanup the human garbage left over from World War II.

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My Daddy Taught Me to Surf - new children's picture book will be released this summer. All the Way to the Ocean - Joel Harper - children's book deals with educating youth to the harmful effects of urban runoff. Forward by Laird Hamilton Together with support from Big Wave Surfer Laird Hamilton, Save Our Seas Foundation, aquariums, national parks and watershed education organizations, author Joel Harper musician, music teacher, brother of Ben Harper displays unbridled passion in raising the awareness of children and their parents to the dangers facings the marine and aquatic environment.

Is an uplifting story about two best friends, Isaac and James, and their discovery of the cause and effect relationship between our cities'storm drains and the world's oceans, lakes and rivers. Joel is hopeful that people may change the tide and that All the Way to the Ocean may serve as a gentle reminder that, by working together, people can preserve these natural resources and ensure they will be here for future generations.

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Com - Fred Reiss - fiction, dot-commers kill the Santa Cruz surfing scene during the technology boom, very funny, heart-tugging in places, great for old surfers and new!. Gidget Must Die - Fred Reiss. Sick Surfers ask the Surf Docs and Dr. Jeffreys Bay Marcus Sanders and Kimball Taylor explore the history of Jeffreys Bay Surf Fever - John Severson - In , The Surfer, a modest booklet crammed with Severson's highly evocative black-and-white 16mm frame grabs, a few pen-and-ink sketches, acouple of ads, and even a literate short fiction, hit the surf shops.

A creative collaboration between three people who share a deep-seated passion for art and the ocean: Bloch himself, design legend David Carson, and author Mike Stice. They have created an art book as inimitable as the art it captures, an intimate, soulful account of an artist's rich and layered life, alongside the most evocative examples of Bloch's work. With a heavy leaning towards the non-competitive side of surfing, this page hardcover book is a must have for every collector. Switch-foot is a collective of like-minded people giving respect to the history of surfing, music, art, surfing legends and surfing photography while retaining independence and creativity.

DeLa Vega. Vintage Surfboards - collectible hardbound book by Jim Winniman.

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Limited edition of Chronicles over years of surf culture and makes an excellent reference guide! Give Advertise Subscribe. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email.

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Author Benjamin Ivry. J Goldberg. Send to. Add a message. Send me a copy.

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  6. Thank you! This article has been sent! My friend Arthur Rashkovan is to drive me to the Gaza border. With a population of ,, street crime and homelessness are virtually nonexistent, children are free to play in the streets and parks by themselves, and women can safely walk the streets late at night in a city that never sleeps. You feel removed. Every few years I know a soldier who died or was hurt because of a war. You start to develop a thick skin. You start to protect yourself more and more. Because people want to forget.

    They want to go out and have fun, to drink to clear their minds. I lived like a true beach bum. Nothing else mattered. So I had a goal of getting the best job I could have and keep on skating and surfing. Luckily you get a very long leave to heal up, so I went on two surf trips to San Diego. The third time I got injured the army had no use for me, and they released me. After Rashkovan left the army he gradually became one of the prime movers and shakers in the burgeoning Israeli surf industry.

    Rashkovan was in a position to help him out. Paskowitz and Rashkovan gave impromptu lessons to Arab kids on the beach between Tel Aviv and Jaffa, a spot where Israelis and Arabs surf together.

    caisillaiprinac.tk The Arab-Israeli surf contest was just the beginning. They dubbed it Surfing for Peace. Young Arab girls in hijabs and young Israelis with yarmulkes caught waves with Slater looking on. Fun versus fundamentalism. Then, pushing his luck, Doc Paskowitz, along with his sons David, Josh, and Jonathan, headed for the border to deliver some surfboards to Gaza. Despite there being a total blockade on entry, Doc managed to cajole some border guards into letting him exchange the boards with some waiting Gazans.

    Nobody believes that you can actually bring peace simply through the act of surfing. But you can create moments of peacefulness, create some friendships, and demystify your so-called enemy. Everybody was calling me: the New York Times, the L. The funniest part is we had maybe one or two minutes on Israeli TV.

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    People are turning cynical here and indifferent. Because on one side we have war all around and we have gotten a bit insular. Friends asked Rashkovan why he was bothering with Surfing for Peace.

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    Initiating actions on the grassroots level between common people is a much faster way to move things. Surfing as a peaceful way of living is just perfect for this goal. Why not just go out and forget about our worries for a moment? Rashkovan is determined to keep Surfing for Peace grassroots and out of politics. And maybe through the common ground of surfing show the world something else. We just want to make friends with a few guys on the other side. As you get closer to Gaza the highway winnows down to two narrow lanes surrounded by farm fields and overhung by orange groves.

    There is a sweet perfume of orange blossoms in the air. The pastoral landscape is abruptly interrupted by a clearing covered in asphalt and a big sign that reads Welcome to the Erez Crossing.

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    The Gaza crossing looks like a hangar in a mid-size airfield with plenty of parking spaces. There are many people milling about their cars—simply waiting. The gate has a parkade shed with a gate. At the gate Lior, a friendly, engaging young Israeli soldier, greets me. The surfboard makes him smile. I spend about a half-hour trying to charm and disarm the young soldier, but there will be no getting into Gaza today—or on several other attempts I make.