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Gaga and Porter also surrounded themselves with artists of diverse mediums as a way of both inspiring and igniting their own work. Generational disenfranchisement left Porter to constantly question her identity as an artist, as it was commonly held in those days that the idea of the female artist was little more than an oxymoron.

The canvas is her body but at the same time it is a canvas used as a vehicle for male inscription. Both borrow heavily from history and romanticize the exotic with particular regard to Mexico and the Orient. For while both tell radically different stories, the subject matter of each oeuvre also dabble heavily in religious iconography and the masochism within the ascetic ritual of Catholicism and its aesthetic.

To name a few. Madonna and Gaga are two sides of the same coin; though the one intracle difference is that Gaga utilizes the aforementioned images as part of the artististic experience which may touch upon sexuality but is not exclusively focused on it. We speak more of Madonna later, but for now….

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  7. In response to this, or rather in spite of this, queer theorist J. One of anarchistic proportions.

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    Where Madonna preached from the altar of sex, Gaga preaches the Gospel of Art and serves to reflect as a vision of the future. Because perhaps Gaga is the infusion that was needed for a philosophical and a political movement that is clearly dying by choking on its own exhausted rhetoric. A quick search of a Youtube yields hundreds of videos posted by women and men alike decrying feminism, or at least what they interpret feminism to be.

    And yet the presence of Lady Gaga and seen from the lens of the timeless works of Katherine Anne Porter serve as a reminder of how desperately we still need feminism. In addition to changing her name, she placed herself within a made-up lineage of statesmen, casting herself as an aristocratic daughter of the Old South.

    She was considered somewhat flamboyant by some; inscrutable by others.

    Having vs. seeking a room of her own

    Her mother died when she was only two years old, after which her father moved her and her three siblings to Texas, to live with his mother, the similarly named Catherine Ann Porter. Her education ended when she was in her early teens. At the age of 16, she secretly married the son of a wealthy ranching family. He was violent and abusive, and once threw her down a flight of stairs, resulting in a broken ankle. The marriage ended in divorce several years later. In , Porter was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and while in a sanitarium, decided to become a writer.

    Fortunately, it was a misdiagnosis. Soon after, she began writing as a gossip columnist and theater reviewer for a Denver newspaper.

    follow link She contracted a virulent form of flu while living in Colorado; it was during the flu pandemic, and she nearly died. This experience inspired the trilogy of short novels contained in Pale Horse, Pale Rider , which helped launch her reputation as a fine literary writer. Strikingly beautiful in her youth, Porter was embroiled in many passionate and turbulent love affairs. Once again s he remarried secretly. Porter lived a long life that was as dramatic as it was passionate.

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    Betrayal, evil, and death are evil are other themes running through her writings. She was, to say the least, cynical about politics.

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    In , she said of American politics in a letter:. Forthright Quotes by Katherine Anne Porter. In she published Ship of Fools , which took her twenty years to write. Critical opinions were mixed, though it was the best-selling novel of her career and of that year overall. It was inspired by her own journal kept on a voyage she took from Mexico to Germany in Set before the start of World War II, it follows the voyage of a group of passengers on their way from Mexico to Europe.