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Too bad it's a frighteningly regressive one for women. And no: Women's Studies departments are not propagating a myth that the world was once a glorious matriarchy.

That was funny though. View all 38 comments. Jan 17, Marianne rated it it was amazing. It is typical Peterson with large amounts of insightful information and wit. The book includes information that I knew, did not know, and information I knew but did not know I knew like a Peterson lecture. There are three main points that I took away from this book: 1.

The world is a horrible place filled with suffering. If you want the world to be better,start with yourself.

The more individual people start bettering themselves the potential for the world to be just that little bit better increases. We should live on the line between order and chaos. We need both for a functioning society. We need to grow and adapt whilst not getting rid of traditions and traditional structures, they might be very important. Clean your room and sort yourself out. View all 5 comments. Jan 20, Martin V rated it it was amazing.

I wish this book had been around to read when I was Jun 07, BlackOxford rated it it was ok Shelves: canadian , philosophy-theology. Too Sweet to be Wholesome Jordan Peterson is a global phenomenon. He is good in print; even better in interviews.

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As a psychoanalyst, he has decades of experience and professional credibility I find his Jungian approach far more interesting than Freudian or various cognitive methods. As a Canadian he is presumed a certain integrity often denied to other English-speaking experts. As a man, he is engaging and fast on his feet with no defensiveness even under intense pressure. In 12 Rules for Life he makes a cogent case for the necessity as well as benefit of moral authority. Although he is not a religious adherent, Peterson believes in the objectivity of moral law; he has no time for those relativists who consider moral law as something arbitrarily constructed within human society.


Many find his arguments compelling. I find them disingenuous and dangerous.

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Norman Doidge, MD. Doidge points to the persistence of the Ten Commandments from the Hebrew Scriptures as an example of the ancient, effectively eternal and fixed, wisdom of biblical moral precepts. Unsurprisingly Doidge fails to make mention of the other divinely ordained precepts of the law given in the same scriptures. Things like the stoning of heretics, the inferiority of women, and the necessity for meticulous maintenance of spiritual purity apparently do not carry significant moral weight despite their authoritative divine source.

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And he makes no mention of the fact that the founder of the Christian Religion, Paul of Tarsus, designated the entire Hebrew law, including the Ten Commandments, as the very source of evil. Doidge is not merely tendentious, he is an ideologue who has little understanding of the biblical references he makes Popularity is not a terribly reliable guarantor of either poetry or philosophy. Participants liked his rules as nakedly stated, without even being given reasons, without explanation of their operation. And they gave rave reviews. The book is the result of subsequent justifications of the intuitions he floated on the internet.

Whatever erudition, classical references, and stylistic skill Peterson used to develop his arguments for these rules, they are hardly the the product of analytical thought. But I think it does help to explain why the book appeals to many religious leaders and right-wing politicians. Peterson appears to provide both groups with philosophical selling and political talking points that promote a conservative social agenda.

Peterson is a Jungian psychoanalyst, apparently by conviction as well as by training. Jungian method is inherently dialectical. Only by accepting the existence of these competing components and reconciling their insistent demands can a person become integrated, that is whole, a complete Self.

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Jungians implicitly presume that none of us is naturally whole. We need each other, sometimes use each other, to compensate for our dialectical deficiencies.

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These are matters of choice not fate. This is a simple but very subtle theory. In short, the theory has two principles: 1 the Unconscious is indistinguishable from reality; and 2 the Self is indistinguishable from God. Both reality and God exist in our heads as it were. They are ideas over which we can exercise control. One can sense Plato, not to mention Billy Graham, turning in their graves at the thought that ideas are subject to human will.

Similarly, social conservatives like the idea of personal responsibility as part of their ideological portfolios. So of course Peterson will be exploited by Evangelicals and Conservatives to further their agendas, regardless of the caveats insisted upon by him. His is a philosophy of consummate selfishness which just fits the bill for the latest coalition of religious and constitutional fundamentalists. Christ as pantocratic dictator rather than Jesus as messianic rebel. EST was an intriguing and highly popular syncretism of Jungian psychology and the existential philosophy of Martin Heidegger.

On the contrary, he has an intelligent, witty and interesting contribution to make in intellectual debate despite the banal insipidness of his Rules. Nevertheless, just as EST helped create a generation of liberal weirdos in business, politics, and academia, I fear that an equivalent generation of conservative weirdos in in the making. Comforting no doubt to those who feel disenfranchised, disrespected, and more than a bit deplorable. But really, does anyone believe that some positive thinking is going to make them into a bold psychic adventurer?

View all 76 comments. Jun 10, Darwin8u rated it it was ok Shelves: , nonfiction , self-help , myth. Peterson, 12 Rules for Life I'm generally not a fan of self-help books and this one would have probably never hit my to-read shelf if a good friend of mine hadn't invited me to attend a live Jordan Peterson lecture in Phoenix a little over a week ago June 1, The only other exposure I had to Peterson was a wave of seriously negative posts about him by some of my most liberal friends on FB. I was intrigued. Here I have some friends who found "Faulty tools produce faulty results.

Here I have some friends who found something of value from him, enough to want to share with me also, we were using Peterson just as a reason to reconnect AND other friends who absolutely abhorred the man. All of this fascinated me. I was relatively a tabula rasa on this guy. I hadn't even read some of the more negative pieces on him. I loved people that upended the status quo. I loved early Camille Paglia and Andrew Sullivan. Now I was curious. Was this guy throwing sand into the salad of liberals on purpose? Was he just thinking in a way that was unique and not bounded by usual boundaries?

So, I went and heard him speak.