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Soner Sabriler lives in a small, 2-bedroom, first-floor flat off Green Lanes, Harringay, […].

The Cyprus problem is not one of 'invasion'

It brought tens of thousands of women around the world on to the streets to protest at the on-going gender-based violence that results in the sexual or physical assault and murder of women each year. We serve up an intelligent, informative and entertaining mix of articles. A good author would probably have done all this unless they have a personal agenda which is not always disclosed or obvious.

It's OK to debate with generalizations we all do but when you are asked to support your arguments, it's best to find an original source as far as is possible rather than just refer to your favourite author as Bananiot does also.

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The sentiments certainly sound familiar. You cannot just discredit any source that does not fit in perfectly with your version of events. It is a ridiculous and frankly very lazy way of discussing the Cyprus problem. I have read both books but not seen the film mentioned. As for UN legislature, a fundamental mistake was that talks were allowed to continue without any TC's represented in the Cyprus govt of the 60's.

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There are also the mass TC graves uncovered by the UN in the 80's. There are also - many similar reports concerning the killing of GC's by the Turkish mainland army.

The UN sources do, to an extent, portray the attrocities that occurred on both sides. It goes against the fundamental principles of the EU. As far as news reports of the times are concerned, I have read and researched here too. Again, there were reports in the UK press of mass killings in TC villages.

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The Turkish mainland intervention and the work of the Greek mainland army is also reported upon. Let's remember the Greek mainland troops had been in Cyprus for some time before Turkey.

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I have made a point in my original post of NOT quoting what could be construed as oases sources. I have only mentioned British and GC ones. In summary, there are many conflicting reports out there.