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God clearly wants us to trust Him , even when it seems scary to trust other authority figures. Reason Number 6: My submission to my husband is ultimately directed to the Lord. When I struggle to submit to my husband because he might be making an unwise decision, I can find the strength to do so because of this truth … Every time I submit to him, I am ultimately submitting to Him. This gives me the motivation I need to stay the course. Christ, as my true Bridegroom, will guide my groom to a redemptive outcome.

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Your husband is being abusive. You can click on the image below and it will load into a new tab. Come on back next week to find out what it is! Finally, one great way to encourage yourself in this submission process is to join a Bible study. Hope to see you there! Before you go! Sarah endured 31 hours of labor, so she gets extra props for hanging in there and Jordan was her constant coach and companion in that struggle to bring little Sammy Jack into our lives! This last shot is of Jordan reading his big theological books to Samson!

Welcome to the world of reformed theology, sweet Samson! Email Address. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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It is simply a way for me to earn some support for the ministry expenses of this blog. Thank you in advance for being willing to use any Amazon links as searching tools! Speaking Infographics Subscribe? This is probably the clearest, though not easiest , of the four situations. I truly believe that … Christ, as my true Bridegroom, will guide my groom to a redemptive outcome. Should you submit to him then? Discover 6 reasons to let your husband lead in 3 out of 4 situations in your marriage. Which of the six reasons do you need to remember the most in your marriage? Tweets by BethSteffaniak. Disclaimer I am a member of the Amazon Associates Program.

I refuse to submit to his control; The rebels were ordered to submit. Competitors for the painting competition must submit their entries by Friday.

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Why Christians Submit to the Government (Romans 13:2-5)

The captain, at Mr Allworthy's instance, was outwardly, as we have said, reconciled to his brother; yet the same rancour remained in his heart; and he found so many opportunities of giving him private hints of this, that the house at last grew insupportable to the poor doctor; and he chose rather to submit to any inconveniences which he might encounter in the world, than longer to bear these cruel and ungrateful insults from a brother for whom he had done so much.

He once intended to acquaint Allworthy with the whole; but he could not bring himself to submit to the confession, by which he must take to his share so great a portion of guilt. View in context. Now, in general, a citizen is one who both shares in the government and also in his turn submits to be governed; [a] their condition, it is true, is different in different states: the best is that in which a man is enabled to choose and to persevere in a course of virtue during his whole life, both in his public and private state.

The articles of confederation obliged the parties to submit the matter to the decision of a federal court. I have scattered her misgivings to the winds; she is obliged to submit to evidence, and to own that she can make the happiness of my life.

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When he had ravaged Aethiopia fourteen years, and was master of the greatest part of it, the Emperor David sent to implore succour of the King of Portugal, with a promise that when those dominions were recovered which had been taken from him, he would entirely submit himself to the Pope, and resign the third part of his territories to the Portuguese. Now therefore the artful Irregular whom I described above as the real author of this diabolical Bill, determined at one blow to lower the status of the Hierarchy by forcing them to submit to the pollution of Colour, and at the same time to destroy their domestic opportunities of training in the Art of Sight Recognition, so as to enfeeble their intellects by depriving them of their pure and colourless homes.

If we ARE to part, it will at least be handsome to take your personal leave--but I have little heart to jest; in truth, I am serious enough; for to be sunk, though but for an hour, in your esteem Is a humiliation to which I know not how to submit. I shall count every minute till your arrival. Nietzsche, the supposed anarchist, here plainly disclaims all relationship whatever to anarchy, for he shows us that only by bearing the burdens of the existing law and submitting to it patiently, as the camel submits to being laden, does the free spirit acquire that ascendancy over tradition which enables him to meet and master the dragon "Thou shalt,"--the dragon with the values of a thousand years glittering on its scales.